The process

Client: First thing’s first, we need to know you! Please complete our Client Questionnaire so that we may build a custom proposal for you. The more we know, the more thought we can put into your curated gift. 

Curate: Once the proposal is accepted, our team starts shopping. Each gift is creatively curated, and customized to your event. No two orders are the same. We match your budget, incorporate your event style and add in all of your favorite things to give your guests a luxurious Welcome. Each gift has a base price and we do require a minimum order of 10 gifts, sometimes 14 based on the items included. 4 week notice of all orders is appreciated. 

Celebrate: Your Wedding Weekend is finally here! You are (hopefully) relaxing and enjoying time with your family, friends and future spouse. Meanwhile, we are busy bees behind the scenes, building, packing, stuffing and tying your beautiful Welcome Box gifts. Elisabeth and her staff will hand deliver your gifts to the hotel or location of your wedding guests, with a friendly smile and southern charm. We print your rooming list, chat with concierge about pickup and make sure it’s a smooth process. 

Your guests will love their curated Welcome Box gifts!